Curriculum Writers

Liz Girard, North Island College

Wendy Tagami, Selkirk College

Advisory Committee Members

Jill Auchinachie, Camosun College

Leanne Caillier-Smith, College of the Rockies

Mercedes de la Nuez, Northwest Community College

Barbara Stirsky, University of the Fraser Valley

Jan Weiten, Vancouver Community College

The Deans and Directors of Developmental Education

Stephanie Jewell, Vancouver Community College

Vivian Hermansen, North Island College

Lyle Olsen, Selkirk College

Allison Alder, Selkirk College

The Adult Literacy Fundamental Working Group

Cheryl Porter, North Island College

Stephen & Jennifer Marks, Layout Editors


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Adult Literacy Fundamentals Mathematics: Book 1 - 2nd Edition by Wendy Tagami and Liz Girard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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