H5P activities list

This book includes 80 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

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61Introduction to Biotechnology Ch 10 Search for key pointsColumn
62Ch 10.1 ExercisesColumn
6310.2 GMOInteractive Video
64Biotechnology in Medicine and Agriculture Ch 10.2 ExercisesColumn
6510.3 Personalized MedicineInteractive Video
66Genomics and Proteomics Ch 10.3 ExercisesColumn
67Introduction to the Body’s Systems Ch 11 Search for key pointsColumn
68Homeostasis and Osmoregulation Ch 11.1 ExercisesColumn
6910.2 Vitamin types videoInteractive Video
70Fat Soluble VitaminsInteractive Video
71Digestive System Ch 11.2 ExercisesColumn
72Circulatory and Respiratory Systems Ch. 11.3 ExercisesColumn
73Endocrine System Ch 11.4 ExercisesColumn
74Musculoskeletal System Ch 11.5 ExercisesColumn
75Nervous System Ch 11.6 ExercisesColumn
76Introduction to the Immune System and Disease Ch 12 Search for key pointsColumn
77Viruses Ch 12.1 ExercisesColumn
78Innate Immunity Ch 12.2 ExercisesColumn
79Adaptive Immunity Ch 12.3 ExercisesColumn
80Disruptions in the Immune System Ch 12.4 ExercisesColumn
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