How to Use and Adapt this Guide

This guide is for facilitators to present a two-hour workshop to post-secondary faculty, staff, or anyone wanting to learn more about supporting student mental health and wellness. It includes presentation notes, group and reflection activities, and scenarios to give participants a chance to practice. We invite you to augment the training with your own stories and examples.

Throughout the workshop there are notes and tips on ways to adapt the activities. There are also two resources (Handout 1 and Handout 2) that facilitators can give to participants at the end of the session. You may want to format these handouts according to your institution’s guidelines (e.g., colours, fonts, logos, etc.). You may also adapt the information in them to reflect the needs and concerns of the group you are addressing.

For a detailed breakdown of the workshop, see the Detailed Agenda. 

This workshop also has PowerPoint slides that you can download at Preparing  for the Session and use while giving the presentation. The slides can easily be formatted to meet your institution’s guidelines or slide deck templates. You can adjust the slides to fit the needs of your presentation. You may also want to add slides or create handouts about the contact information of counselling services, campus helplines, Indigenous student centres, and other services on your campus that support students.

This guide is for facilitators presenting a synchronous session either in-person or online, but anyone who wants to learn more about supporting student mental health can take this training online. You do not need to be a facilitator to discover, reflect upon, and use the information and resources provided in this guide. We welcome everyone and hope you find this guide of use in whatever way makes the most sense for you.

Text Attributions

  • Text by Barbara Johnston and Liz Warwick. CC BY 4.0 license.


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Capacity to Connect: Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Wellness by Gemma Armstrong; Michelle Daoust; Ycha Gil; Albert Seinen; Faye Shedletzky; Jewell Gillies; Barbara Johnston; and Liz Warwick is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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