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1 Open Education Sustainability Grant for Institutions

See the Call for Proposals page for information about the Open Education Sustainability Grant for Institutions. The closing date for proposals for this grant is August 22, 2019.

Below are answers to commonly-asked questions regarding this grant.

What is the grant time frame?

There is no set time frame as this grant is intended to give institutions the flexibility to manage OER funds on behalf of their community such as dispersing their own OER grants. Time frames may vary according to an institution’s needs and fiscal year, however, it is preferred that it not exceed two years.

Outline the time frame that works for your institution and why in your proposal. If the selection committee has a concern or question, you will be contacted.

Must an institution match the entire grant amount?


Do in-kind contributions qualify as a portion of an institution’s matching funds?

We ask that applicants’ institutions do their best to make a monetary commitment toward the matching funds requirement. However, we also realize that this might not be possible for some institutions and do accept in-kind support in addition to a cash contribution.

Is there a percentage cap to in-kind contributions used as part of an institution’s matching funds?

There is no minimum.

What type of in-kind contributions qualify for this grant?

In-kind contributions should include items that apply directly to the activities, resources, institutional OER support, and open education infrastructure implemented by the grantee and supported by this grant. Examples of in-kind contributions are:

  • release time for support staff
  • library publishing services such as copy editing for newly created or adapted OER

May funds already earmarked, by an institution, for on-campus OER grants be applied toward an institution’s matching funds as part of this grant?

Yes. If this is done, clearly identify these funds in this section of the application.

Which department or administrative personnel should provide the institutional letter of support?

This can vary, from the office of the Vice President of Academics to the Library administration, or other. Select an office or department that is key to the success of your efforts. More than one letter of support may be submitted.


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