Third Edition Revisions Summary Table

The following table provides an overall summary of the revisions.

Third Edition Updates
Updated Introduction and the Third Edition Revisions Summary Table.
Updated the Recommended B.C. Program Textbooks list.
Updated the Resources section for all courses in Section 1. The Online Resources and Online Learning Tools sections were updated: new resources were added, out-of-date resources were removed, and all broken links were updated. An extensive Online Videos section was also added to the Resources for all the courses.
Added a new section called Self-Assessment Video Scenarios to the Healing 3: Personal Care and Assistant course. This section includes links to five video scenarios for students to watch to prepare for their practice experiences. The videos focus on the following topics:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the HCA
  • Communicating with the Health Care Team
  • Isolation Precautions
  • Lifts and Transfers
  • Morning Care
Changed title of Section 3 from Additional Content to Additional Content in Acute Care.
Added a new Section 4 called Preceptor and Clinical Instructor Orientation Tools. The new Section 4 contains links to these tools, which are available for download as Word or PDF files.
Changed the title of Section 4: Sample Tools to Section 5: Sample Evaluation Tools.
Updated the Acknowledgements.