Adding OpenStax Books to Pressbooks

Begin with an HTML File

Each OpenStax textbook should have an HTML file available under the “Downloads” tab at the bottom of each page of the online version. This can be used, through a series of steps, to add an OpenStax book to Pressbooks using the below tools and instructions.

For those not comfortable with tasks requiring moderate to high amounts of technical skill, consider enlisting the assistance of their local technical support team.

Here are the items that will be needed:

  1. HTML file for the OpenStax textbook; this can be found under the “Downloads” tab at the bottom of each page of the book’s online version.
  2. WordPress instance
  3. The HTML Import 2 plugin. Access to a free download, description, installation instructions, FAQ and other support can be found on this web page:
  4. The HTML Import 2 User Guide for more help with this process.

OnceĀ  the HTML file for the textbook has been imported to WordPress, a WordPress file of the textbook can then be exported. It is this WordPress file that is then used to add the textbook to Pressbooks.

Finally, import the WordPress file into Pressbooks described in the Importing a Pressbooks or WordPress File.

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