Adding OpenStax Books to Pressbooks


Once an OpenStax book has been imported into Pressbooks, clean up begins. Here are the steps that we follow during this phase.

  1. Go to Appearance/Theme. Select Open Textbooks as the Theme.
  2. If a book has many chapter sections, sort these into Chapters. Use Parts to designate Chapters.
    1. Try to add sections in the order in which they are displayed.
  3. Using the Contents (table of contents) for the original book, posted in Open Stax (the online version; DO NOT use the PDF as it is different from the online version),
    1. Make sure that “Chapter x.” precedes¬† chapter title in Part title field.
    2. Add chapter section number to Chapter title field.
    3. Ensure these are in the correct.
  4. Add Chapter Objectives (with LO box) and Learning Objectives (with LO box) as required.
  5. For images:
    1. Centre them
    2. To the caption field,
      1. Add “Figure” and number according to the Contents page for the original book, posted in OpenStax
      2. After, “Figure” add a period and a space and the title of the image (typically above the image) followed by a period and a space.
      3. This is followed by the image and, if included, the attribution.
      4. Leave the statement in the Alternative Text field alone. (This is for accessibility.)
  6. Add any exercise questions (e.g. Review Questions or Critical Thinking Questions) to the EX box; revise “Exercise” to read the name of the exercise section.
  7. Add answers to exercises to bottom of page using the EX box. Label this as Solutions.
    1. If there are tables or figures in both the exercises and the solutions, make sure you renumber them correctly and in order – since you’re changing the order of the tables and figures on the page.
  8. Do not remove tags.
  9. Watch for discrepancies. For example, HTML span tags around key terms could mean those key terms were supposed to be bolded with the strong tag. Check with the original document or online resource (OpenStax, online version) to see if that is the case.
  10. Hyperlink URLs in Tables and Figures, if applicable. (See Preface for an example.)
  11. Make sure that each Part is allocated the correct Order number. (Parts are used to indicate a Chapter with its number and title, e.g. “Chapter 1. Bone Tissue and the Skeletal System”.)¬† The Order number should correspond to the Chapter number, e.g. Chapter 1 would be Order 1; Chapter 2 would be Order 2, etc. Do this by:
    1. Clicking on the Part title.
    2. Find the “Attributes” box on the right
    3. In the box under “Order”, ensure that the number corresponds to the Chapter number.
    4. “Save”
  12. If there are any sections in the original book that need to be placed in a separate box but don’t fit the existing templates (i.e. Key Takeaways, Learning Objectives, Exercises), put them inside a shaded textbox:
    1. Shaded textbox can be access in the drop down menu called “Textboxes” on the second row, third box from the left.
    2. If you are handy with HTML coding, you can go into Text view and add “textbox shaded” to the tag’s class. A shaded box will form around the chosen tag in the Visual view.

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