Getting Started

Setting Up a Book


Transcript of video

Today we’ll be going through some basic but important steps that go into setting up books in the Pressbooks environment.

We’ll go to the “Appearance” panel, and we’re going to go and activate the Open Textbooks theme in the bottom-right hand corner. Activating this theme is important because it gives us textbook-specific features for the Open Textbook project.

Next, we’ll go to the “Users” panel, and here we can add editors or contributors that need access to our book. As long as they have an existing Pressbooks account within the BCcampus network, you can invite them to your book by clicking on the “Add existing” button up here at the very top of the screen, and this allows you to send an email to the address associated with their Pressbooks account. So if my friend ‘’ is my editor, I’ll type in his email here, and then I’ll give him the role of editor. And then I can click on this button to add him, and he’ll be able to join the book with the permissions that you give him.

Finally, in the “Settings” menu, make sure your privacy settings show that your book’s visibility is private. You can make this public later when the book is ready to be released, but for now you probably want to make sure that only people you invite are allowed to view the book while it’s being edited.

So there you go! Your Pressbooks environment is all set up and now, we can start working on our book.

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