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1 Pressbooks for B.C. and the Yukon

Last update: Aug 8, 2019

BCcampus Open Education provides a self-serve instance of Pressbooks called “B.C. Faculty Pressbooks” for faculty and staff at post-secondary institutions in British Columbia and the Yukon.

This is a free service.

When accessing this instance of Pressbooks, faculty and staff must use their institutional email address. A list of accepted email domains are below.[1]

The Sign up/Register page used to create an account says one must be a post-secondary faculty member, but post-secondary staff are eligible as well. Yukon faculty and staff are also eligible, and Yukon College is included in the “B.C. Institution” drop-down menu on the account sign-up page. (See Pressbooks Accounts.)

If you are an instructor or staff member with a private post-secondary institution not listed on the Institution drop-down menu, contact BCcampus Support for account set-up assistance.

Ontario post-secondary faculty and staff

Post-secondary faculty and staff from Ontario who want to use Pressbooks should fill out the Request a Pressbooks Account form offered by eCampusOntario. For assistance with ecampus Ontario’s Pressbooks instance, send a request via their Get in Touch form.

Other post-secondary faculty and staff

The Rebus Community provides Pressbooks access to post-secondary faculty and staff from post-secondary institutions around the globe, providing they are a Rebus member. To join, create an account at Rebus Community. Once that has been done, request access to a Pressbooks account by filling out the Rebus Community Press – Request for Access form.

Accounts are also available through the main Pressbooks website.

  1. KPU hosts its own instance of Pressbooks at


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