Adding OpenStax Books to Pressbooks

Proofread and Double Check

To make sure that no new errors have introduced into the Pressbooks file and to create as clean a file as possible, the following tasks should be completed after the clean up phase.

  1. Check all links to ensure they work properly
  2. Ensure figure and table numbering is correct
  3. Check to make sure things are correctly placed inside shaded textboxes / LO / KT / EX boxes
  4. Make sure <span> tags have been properly bolded
  5. Fix inconsistencies in formatting across chapters
  6. Make sure line breaks only happen when paragraphs end
  7. Ensure <sub> and <sup> tags are used correctly within figure captions
  8. Ensure opening boxes in introductions are labeled “Chapter Objectives”, and opening boxes in chapter sections are labeled “Learning Objectives”

About this Book page

This page and information is the procedure followed by the B.C. Open Textbook Project. Each individual, project, or institution may want to develop their own process.

Add an “About this Book” page to the Front Matter. It should appear first, before all other pages in this section.

Add the following to the Text tab of this page:

The <a href=””>BC Open Textbook project</a> managed by <a href=””>BCcampus</a> has added this OpenStax open textbook to Pressbooks so that editable Pressbooks and WordPress xml files could be provided as part of this book’s record in the <a href=””>BC Open Textbook collection</a>.

This copy of this OpenStax textbook is not a derivative of the original work as no changes have been made to this textbook with the exception of minor formatting adjustments to accommodate the differences between the OpenStax CNX and Pressbooks platforms.

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