Pressbooks Training Webinars

Training for B.C. Faculty and Staff

The BCcampus Open Education team began offering Pressbooks Training Webinars to post-secondary faculty and staff from British Columbia in 2016. Registration has been closed to this group only because of the high demand for this training.

This webinar covers the basics of using Pressbooks. During this one-hour session, half a dozen topics are introduced, discussed, and then participants are invited to ask questions and provide comments. Approximately 10 minutes is allocated per topic. Each topic is tied to one of the Pressbooks video tutorials created by BCcampus (see links to these in brackets by each topic below).
  1. How to create a Self Serve Pressbooks account and textbook (tutorial 1)
  2. How to Navigate the Pressbooks Dashboard (tutorial 2)
  3. How to Set Up your Book (tutorial 3)
  4. Parts and Chapters
    1. How to Add Parts and Chapters & Front/Back Matter (tutorial 4a)
    2. How to Order Parts and Chapters & Front/Back Matter (tutorial 4b)
  5. How to Create Text Content (tutorial 5)
  6. How to Change or Recover your Password (tutorial 13)

Support Materials

In preparation for this webinar, we inform registrants about our Pressbooks support materials:


We tell registrants that this webinar is not only a learning opportunity for them, but also a chance for the Open Education team at BCcampus to hear their questions and feedback. Our goal is to use the questions from this webinar to improve the support materials we create and maintain.

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