H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Introduction to Technical WritingMultiple Choice
2Rhetorical situationMultiple Choice
3Conventions and Characteristics based on Table 1.1.2Drag Text
4Task and Audience Analysis Exercise based Exercise 1.4Question Set
5Cost of Poor CommunicationQuestion Set
6Writer-Centred or Reader-CentredFill in the Blanks
7Negative and Constructive PhrasingMultiple Choice
8Proofread EmailMark the Words
9Practicing the 7 C's of CommunicationQuestion Set
10Recognizing Active and Passive VoiceFill in the Blanks
11Review your understanding of the rhetorical appeals by dragging the correct appeals and questions to the appropriate category.Drag and Drop
12Academic writing formatting_3.1.1Image Hotspots
13Technical Writing FormattingImage Hotspots
14HeadingsQuestion Set
15Document Design ErrorsDrag Text
16Using Colons with ListsFill in the Blanks
17Exercise 3.5: Types of Lists. Drag the type of list into the correct space.Drag and Drop
18Figures and TablesQuestion Set
19Revising LevelsDrag Text
20Tuckman's Linear Model of Group DevelopmentImage Sequencing
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