H5P activities list

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21Test Yourself Temp 4Multiple Choice
22Test Yourself temp 5Multiple Choice
23Steps for Oral Temperature TechniqueDrag Text
24Steps for Taking a Tympanic TemperatureDrag Text
25Steps for Taking an Axillary TemperatureDrag Text
26Steps for Taking a Rectal TemperatureDrag Text
27Pulse CheckQuestion Set
28Where are the upper body pulses?Image Hotspots
29Pulse and respiration assessmentInteractive Video
30Apical pulse audio clip answerFill in the Blanks
31Find all the pulse pointsFind Multiple Hotspots
32Pulse Check!Question Set
33Normal Breathing with editsInteractive Video
34How many BPM?Fill in the Blanks
35Resp Q setQuestion Set
36Which is the correct radial pulse technique?Image Juxtaposition
37Radial pulse techniqueFill in the Blanks
38Radial pulse technique accordAccordion
39Which is the correct apical pulse technique?Image Juxtaposition
40Apical PulseFill in the Blanks
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