H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1Introduction to videos Ch.1 IntroInteractive Video
2Introduction to Biology Chapter Search for key points in Chapter 1Column
3Evolution and natural selection (Ch 1.1)Interactive Video
4The progress of scienceInteractive Video
5Themes and Concepts of Biology Ch 1.1 ExerciseColumn
6Scientific method Ch.1.2aInteractive Video
7ReductionismInteractive Video
8The Process of Science Ch 1.2 ExercisesColumn
9Introduction to the Chemistry of Life Ch 2 Search for key pointsColumn
10Electrons and Life Ch.2.1Interactive Video
11The Building Blocks of Molecules Ch 2.1 ExercisesColumn
12Oxygen and Life Ch. 2.2Interactive Video
13Water Ch 2.2 ExercisesColumn
14DNA Protein connection Ch.2.3Interactive Video
15Biological Molecules Ch 2.3 ExercisesColumn
16Introduction to Cell Structure and Function Ch 3 Search for key pointsColumn
17eukaryotic cells Ch. 3.1Interactive Video
18DiffusionInteractive Video
19How Cells Are Studied Ch 3.1 ExercisesColumn
20Comparing Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Ch 3.2 ExercisesColumn
21Oxygen in the AtmosphereInteractive Video
22Eukaryotic Cells Ch 3.3 ExercisesColumn
23The Cell Membrane Ch 3.4 ExercisesColumn
24Passive Transport Ch 3.5 ExercisesColumn
25Active Transport Ch 3.6 ExercisesColumn
26Introduction to How Cells Obtain Energy Ch 4 Search for Key PointsColumn
27HeterotrophsInteractive Video
28Kilocalories Ch. 4.1Interactive Video
29Energy and Metabolism Ch 4.1 ExercisesColumn
30Glycolysis Ch 4.2 ExercisesColumn
31Citric Acid Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation Ch 4.3 ExercisesColumn
32Fermentation Ch 4.4 ExercisesColumn
33Connections to Other Metabolic Pathways Ch 4.5 ExercisesColumn
34Ch 5.1 ExercisesColumn
35Ch 5.2 ExercisesColumn
36Ch 5.3 ExercisesColumn
37Introduction to Reproduction at the Cellular Level Ch 6 Search for key pointsColumn
38The Genome Ch 6.1 ExercisesColumn
39Ch 6.2 ExercisesColumn
40Cancer and the Cell Cycle Ch 6.3 ExercisesColumn
41Prokaryotic Cell Division Ch 6.4 ExercisesColumn
42Introduction to the Cellular Basis of Inheritance Ch 7 Search for key pointsColumn
43Sexual reproductionInteractive Video
44Sexual Reproduction Ch 7.1 ExercisesColumn
45Meiosis Ch 7.2 ExercisesColumn
46Errors in Meiosis Ch 7.3 ExercisesColumn
47Introduction to Patterns of Inheritance Ch 8 Search for key pointsColumn
488.1 MendelInteractive Video
49Mendel’s Experiments Ch 8.1 ExercisesColumn
50Laws of Inheritance Ch 8.2 ExercisesColumn
51Extensions of the Laws of Inheritance Ch 8.3 ExercisesColumn
52Introduction to Molecular Biology Ch 9 Search for key pointsColumn
53DNA is the Genetic MaterialInteractive Video
54The Structure of DNA Ch 9.1 ExercisesColumn
55DNA Replication Ch 9.2 ExercisesColumn
56Transcription Ch 9.3 ExercisesColumn
579.4 universality of the Genetic CodeInteractive Video
589.4 MutationInteractive Video
59Translation Ch 9.4 ExercisesColumn
60How Genes Are Regulated Ch 9.5 ExercisesColumn
61Introduction to Biotechnology Ch 10 Search for key pointsColumn
62Ch 10.1 ExercisesColumn
6310.2 GMOInteractive Video
64Biotechnology in Medicine and Agriculture Ch 10.2 ExercisesColumn
6510.3 Personalized MedicineInteractive Video
66Genomics and Proteomics Ch 10.3 ExercisesColumn
67Introduction to the Body’s Systems Ch 11 Search for key pointsColumn
68Homeostasis and Osmoregulation Ch 11.1 ExercisesColumn
6910.2 Vitamin types videoInteractive Video
70Fat Soluble VitaminsInteractive Video
71Digestive System Ch 11.2 ExercisesColumn
72Circulatory and Respiratory Systems Ch. 11.3 ExercisesColumn
73Endocrine System Ch 11.4 ExercisesColumn
74Musculoskeletal System Ch 11.5 ExercisesColumn
75Nervous System Ch 11.6 ExercisesColumn
76Introduction to the Immune System and Disease Ch 12 Search for key pointsColumn
77Viruses Ch 12.1 ExercisesColumn
78Innate Immunity Ch 12.2 ExercisesColumn
79Adaptive Immunity Ch 12.3 ExercisesColumn
80Disruptions in the Immune System Ch 12.4 ExercisesColumn