About This Video Scenario

In this video scenario, Elizabeth, a Health Care Assistant student, provides care to two female clients in a long-term care facility. One client is on droplet precautions and the other client mentions a change to her health. Elizabeth must communicate with the nursing staff and the clients about the appropriate precautions that should be taken to prevent the spread of infection. You can move forward in the video scenario by clicking the “Proceed” button at the top right of the screen.

At four points in the video scenario, you will be asked to select the best course of action or verbal responses for different situations. You cannot move forward in the scenario until you have selected the correct answer. If you select an incorrect answer, the video will replay and then the questions will be displayed again.

This resource will help you assess your knowledge of different isolation precautions as well as your ability to communicate with the nursing staff about changes to a client’s health.

This video scenario assesses your knowledge of how to:

  • Provide appropriate care when a client discloses a change to their health.
  • Communicate with nursing staff about a client’s health.
  • Explain and follow different isolation precaution procedures.


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