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In this Competency we have provided you with an overview of the apprenticeship system and the process to obtain your Red Seal as a tradesperson. We have described the supports, initiatives, and opportunities available for trades training, the process of registering for an apprenticeship in BC, the roles and responsibilities of all parties in the apprenticeship system, and the financial supports available for training. We have also provided an overview of the Canadian Red Seal program, including information on Red Seal exams and how to find the National Occupational Analysis for different trades. We have also looked at the path to becoming a Journeyperson, exploring the role of Journeypeople, mentorship, and other opportunities that are available once you have obtained your Red Seal.

After completing the Learning Tasks in this Competency, you will understand that the apprenticeship process is designed to prepare you for becoming a Red Seal tradesperson and relies on a number of different groups and individuals to help you achieve success, this can include your employer and Journeyperson, the provincial training authority, community organizations, training institutions and of course you. As an apprentice in a skilled trade, you will be aware of the requirements to achieve your Red Seal and its importance along with what skills and areas you need to focus on to meet these criteria. Once you achieve your Red Seal you will understand the role you play as a Journeyperson both as an employee and as a mentor for other apprentices, and what opportunities there are for further advancement or other career opportunities connected to your trade.

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