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This directory contains links to free digital science resources. Resources are listed in alphabetical order within their subject area. Each entry in this directory contains a link to a resource, licensing information (if available), the level the resource is appropriate for, and a description of the resource. Some entries have clearly labelled excerpts from external sources. Other commentary and descriptions come from the subject matter experts who reviewed these resources.

Finding Resources

The resources in this directory are sorted by subject area, as determined by subject matter experts. Some resources appear on multiple pages, as they are thought to be relevant to more than one subject.

It may be helpful to check more than one page of the directory if you are looking for something specific. For example, an engineering instructor may find relevant resources on the physics and astronomy page. Another way to find resources is to use the “Search in book” box at the top-right of the page, although it has limited utility.

Open vs. Free

While every resource included in this directory is free to use, not every resource is openly licensed. An openly licensed resource carries a Creative Commons licence or other open licence that permits users to copy, remix, and distribute a resource, with few (if any) restrictions, depending on the specific licence.

Those resources that are openly licensed have either the abbreviated name of the licence next to the name of the resource or a link to a page that describes the resource’s licensing if that is available. For more information about the permissions granted by Creative Commons licences, visit the Creative Commons website.


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