H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1Ch1#IntroQ1Multiple Choice
2Performing an Alcohol-Based Hand RubInteractive Video
3Hand Washing Interactive VideoInteractive Video
4Equipment HotspotImage Hotspots
5Ch1GPQSetQuestion Set
6Ch 2 Why is Temp Measured? Drag and DropDrag Text
7Non-Contact Infrared TemperatureInteractive Video
8Ch 2 Things that influence temperatureDrag Text
9Oral TemperatureInteractive Video
10Ch 2 Oral TemperatureQuestion Set
11Tympanic TemperatureInteractive Video
12Ch 2 Tympanic TemperatureDrag Text
13Axillary TemperatureInteractive Video
14Ch 2 Rectal Temperature QSQuestion Set
15Ch 2 Find the Error TemperatureImage Juxtaposition
16Tympanic Temp Fill in the BlanksFill in the Blanks
17Find the Error TemperatureAccordion
18Test Yourself TempMultiple Choice
19Test Yourself Temp 2Multiple Choice
20Test Yourself Temp 3Multiple Choice
21Test Yourself Temp 4Multiple Choice
22Test Yourself temp 5Multiple Choice
23Steps for Oral Temperature TechniqueDrag Text
24Steps for Taking a Tympanic TemperatureDrag Text
25Steps for Taking an Axillary TemperatureDrag Text
26Steps for Taking a Rectal TemperatureDrag Text
27Pulse CheckQuestion Set
28Where are the upper body pulses?Image Hotspots
29Pulse and respiration assessmentInteractive Video
30Apical pulse audio clip answerFill in the Blanks
31Find all the pulse pointsFind Multiple Hotspots
32Pulse Check!Question Set
33Normal Breathing with editsInteractive Video
34How many BPM?Fill in the Blanks
35Resp Q setQuestion Set
36Which is the correct radial pulse technique?Image Juxtaposition
37Radial pulse techniqueFill in the Blanks
38Radial pulse technique accordAccordion
39Which is the correct apical pulse technique?Image Juxtaposition
40Apical PulseFill in the Blanks
41Infant apical accordAccordion
42Apical Pulse Technique picsImage Juxtaposition
43Apical Pulse TechniqueFill in the Blanks
44Apical Pulse Technique picsAccordion
45Apical Rate 1Fill in the Blanks
46Apical Rate 2Fill in the Blanks
47Bradycardia fill inFill in the Blanks
48Tachycardia fill inFill in the Blanks
49Normal Heart Rate RangesDrag Text
50Pregnant pulse T/FTrue/False Question
51Match the pulse forceDrag Text
52Heart rate MCMultiple Choice
53Upper body pulse MCMultiple Choice
54Test yourself PR chpt 3 Q2Multiple Choice
55Test Yourself P R chpt 3 Q 3Multiple Choice
56PR Mix and MatchDrag Text
57Beta blocker QMultiple Choice
58Count the breathsInteractive Video
59Pulse to respsMultiple Choice
60Signs of Resp distressMultiple Choice
61RR normsDrag Text
62Carotid Pulse TechniqueDrag Text
63Brachial Pulse TechniqueDrag Text
64Apical Pulse TechniqueDrag Text
65Radial Pulse TechniqueDrag Text
66Respiration TechniqueDrag Text
67O2 monitor infoImage Hotspots
68Ch4NO2QuestionSetQuestion Set
69O2 sat technique videoInteractive Video
70Ch4O2TQuestionSetQuestion Set
72O2 sat techniqueImage Juxtaposition
73O2 sat techniqueFill in the Blanks
74O2 sat techniqueAccordion
75Ch.4TY#1Drag Text
76Ch.4TY#2Multiple Choice
77Ch.4TY#3Multiple Choice
78Ch.4TY#4Multiple Choice
79Ch.4TY#5Drag Text
80Ch4SummaryQ1Multiple Choice
81Ch4SummaryQ2Drag Text
82Ch 5 What is BP Question SetQuestion Set
83Ch 5 Factors That Influence BP Question SetQuestion Set
84Ch 5 BP Ranges Drill Dialogue CardsDialog Cards
85Ch 5 BP Ranges Drag and DropDrag Text
86Two-Step Blood PressureInteractive Video
87Ch 5 MC Kortokoff Sounds Audio ClipMultiple Choice
88One-Step Blood PressureInteractive Video
89Ch5 Multiple BP QColumn
90Hypotension Question SetQuestion Set
91Ch5 HTN QSQuestion Set
92Ch5 Find the Error FeedbackAccordion
93Ch 5 TY Q1 Korotkoff sounds 5.2Fill in the Blanks
94Ch5 TY Q1Accordion
95Ch 5 TY Q2 Kortotkoff sounds 5.3Fill in the Blanks
96Ch5 TY Q2Accordion
97Ch5 TY Q3aAccordion
98Ch5 TY Q3bAccordion
99Ch5 TY Q4True/False Question
100Ch5 TY Q5Drag Text
101Ch5 TY Q6Multiple Choice
102Ch5 TY Q7Multiple Choice
103Ch5 TY 8Multiple Choice
104Ch5 TY Q9Multiple Choice
105Ch5 TY Q10Drag Text
106Ch5 TY Q11Drag Text
107Pediatric Case Study - Part 1Course Presentation
108Pediatric Case Study DocumentationImage Juxtaposition
109Pediatric Case Study - Part 2Course Presentation
110Adolescent Case StudyCourse Presentation
111Pregnant Adult Client Case StudyCourse Presentation
112Pregnant Adult Client Case Study: DocumentationDrag and Drop
113Adult Case StudyCourse Presentation
114Older Adult Case StudyCourse Presentation
115BP documentation AMultiple Choice
116BP documentation BMultiple Choice
117BP documentation CMultiple Choice
118BP documentation DMultiple Choice
119BP documentation EMultiple Choice
120Dental Office Case StudyBranching Scenario (beta)
121TPR Case StudyBranching Scenario (beta)
122Adult Automatic Vital Sign MeasurementInteractive Video