Appendix 1: We are…I am

Below is an example of a “We Are…I Am” poem. It was written by a Level 1-3 class at Vancouver Community College in 2014.

I am the West End.
I am the Olympic Village.
I am Fleetwood.
We are East Van.
I am Yaletown.
I am Burnaby.

We are community ……… I am a neighbour.

I am red Nike shoes.
I am a black coat that goes with everything.
We are green grass and green forests.
We are marine blue like the car we’re going to build.
I am orange like the sun.

We are a rainbow ……… I am a colour.

We are edgy gangsta rap.
I am dance-worthy hip-hop. Shake it baby!
I am a romantic love song.
I am the Rolling Stones, classic rock.
I am Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and hits from the 50s.

We are music …….. I am a musician.

I am short dresses in every colour in a shopping mall.
We are Gucci blue jeans in a nightclub.
I am a light cotton t-shirt at the beach.
I am a button-up dress shirt with a tie. I clean up good.
I am a shiny evening dress in a casino.

We are dressed sharp …….. I am awesome.

I hope to be a secretary in a high school.
We hope to be cops drinking coffee in Tim Hortons.
I hope to be a cook in a five-star hotel.
I hope to be the boss of my own construction company.
I hope to be a lawyer in family law.

We are positive …….. I am sure.

I dream that I am swimming in piles of money.
I dream once in a blue moon.
I dream that my kids finish school.
We have deja-vu dreams. We hate it.
I dream I am making money, and making it on my own.
I dream my grandma is alive and she’s cooking for me.

We are dreamers …….. I am dreaming of the future.


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