Appendix 1: Writing Rubrics

Use these rubrics to score learners’ writing

Unit 1: Mysteries in BC History

Rubric- The Shooting of Ginger Goodwin
Rubric- The Gentleman Bandit

Unit 2: Snapshots of BC Culture

Rubric- All Together Now: BC Festivals
Rubric- Bold and Bright: Sook-Yin Lee
Rubric- Spread the Word: First Nations Languages in BC

Unit 3: Wild BC

Rubric- The Rare Spirit Bear
Rubric- Journey of the Salmon
Rubric- Spy-Hopping with Orca Whales

Print-friendly versions of these same writing rubrics are also provided on the following pages.

Unit 1 - The Gentleman BanditUnit 1 - The Gentleman BanditUnit 2 - All Together Now BC FestivalsUnit 2 - Bold and Bright Sook-Yin LeeUnit 2 - Spread the Word First Nations Languages in BCUnit 3 - The Rare Spirit BearUnit 3 - The Journey of the SalmonUnit 3 - Spy-Hopping With Killer Whales


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