Appendix 2: Writing Assessment Checklists

Click on the links below for checklists that assess learners’ writing progress. Print-friendly versions of these same checklists are also provided on the following pages.

Checklist: The Many Faces of Genius

Checklist: The Many Pathways to Knowledge

Checklist: Boost Your Brainpower

Checklist: Memory Magic

Checklist: The Sixth Sense: Intuition

Checklist: The Big Five: Personality

Checklist: Secrets of a Happy Brain

Note: No checklist is necessary for The Most Amazing Structure on Earth as learners can check the Answer Key to see if they have put the sentences into the correct order. Likewise, no checklist is needed for Put to the Test. Simply check to make sure learners have used quotation marks correctly. You may also wish to give feedback on grammar.









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