Audio Book

In 2022, this book was made into an audio book. This audio book is available as an audio-only version or as a video version, which allows you to listen to the audio while you read the text in the video.The audio versions are embedded at the beginning of each story in this book. In addition, all of the audio and video versions have been uploaded to a media-hosting platform where they can be accessed online: BC Reads: Reader 3 Audio Book

How to Download

While all of the files can be played online, you can also download them for offline use:

  1. Open the playlist: BC Reads: Reader 3 Audio Book
  2. Click the title of the video or audio that you want to download, which will open up a page with a media player.
  3. Find the “Download” tab underneath the media player.
  4. Click the download icon (see the below screenshot).

This will download either an .mp4 file (for videos) or an .mp3 file (for audio).


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