Appendix 3: Acknowledgements


Leva Lee, manager, Learning + Teaching, BCcampus

Kenny Panza, research assistant, Royal Roads University

Helena Prins, advisor, Learning + Teaching, BCcampus

Tracy Roberts, director, Learning + Teaching, BCcampus

Rebecca Shortt, coordinator, Learning + Teaching, BCcampus


Dr. June Francis, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Athena Madan, Royal Roads University

Dr. Moussa Magassa, University of Victoria

Dr. Robin Mazumder


Amanda Coolidge, director, Open Education, BCcampus

Dr. Sophia Palahicky, associate director, Centre of Teaching and Education Technology, Royal Roads University

Dr. Chaseten Remillard, program head, School of Communication and Culture, Royal Roads University

Technical Support and Guidance

Sally Glover, copyeditor

Josie Gray, manager, Production + Publishing, BCcampus

Jessica Webber, owner, Star Graphic Design

Kaitlyn Zheng, coordinator, Open Textbook Publishing, BCcampus


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