8 Find Open Resources

What are open educational resources?

OER stands for open educational resources, which are any resources used for teaching and learning that are either in the public domain or under an open licence that gives anyone, anywhere permission to keep, share, edit, and remix the resource’s content. An OER could be a textbook, a case study, a slide show, an image, a video, a podcast, etc.

Here is a list of places to look to find existing openly licensed content:

  • B.C. Open Textbook Collection: A collection of over 300 open textbooks that prioritizes Canadian content and includes multiple textbooks written by B.C. faculty.
  • Pressbooks Directory: Search and filter through over 2,500 books that have been published in Pressbooks.
  • OER by Discipline Directory: A directory of open educational resources organized by discipline.
  • Multimedia: A list of where you can find openly licensed images, videos, and audio. Note that it also includes sites like Google Images, Flickr, and YouTube that have Creative Commons search filters.

Skip to 10:50 in the following video to watch a demonstration on how to find OER:


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