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1What is Tourism? Chapter 1 know your definitions!Drag Text
2Chapter 1 What is tourism, know your definitions.Drag Text
3Chapter 1 Origins of Tourism in CanadaTimeline
4Chapter 1 Key Tourism OrganizationsFlashcards
5Chapter 1 Understanding Tourism Impacts, Positive & NegativeAccordion
6Chapter 1 History and Overview.Question Set
7Chapter 2 Transportation. Know your transportation organizations.Drag Text
8Chapter 2 Transportation. Know your general terms.Drag Text
9Chapter 3 Accommodations. Know your franchise terms.Drag Text
10Chapter 3 Accommodations. Know your accommodation revenue terms.Drag Text
11Chapter 3 Accommodations. Know your organizations.Drag Text
12Chapter 5 Recreation: Tourism TypesFill in the Blanks
13Chapter 5 Recreation: Adventure TourismDrag and Drop
14Chapter 5: Key Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, and Adventure Tourism OrganizationsDrag Text
15Chapter 5: Recreation ChallengesMultiple Choice
16Chapter 5: Subsectors of Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, and Adventure TourismDrag and Drop
17Chapter 6 EventsQuestion Set
18Chapter 6: MCITDrag Text
19Chapter 6: Cultural TourismMultiple Choice
20Chapter 6: AttractionsSingle Choice Set
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