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21Chapter 6: EventsSingle Choice Set
22Chapter 7 Travel Services FunctionFill in the Blanks
23Chapter 7 Travel Services Agencies and AgentsTrue/False Question
24Chapter 7 Travel Services OTAMultiple Choice
25Chapter 7 Travel Services Key Travel ServicesMultiple Choice
26Chapter 7 Travel Services in Canada and BCDrag Text
27Chapter 7 Travel Services Tourism ServicesFill in the Blanks
28Chapter 7 Travel Services TechnologyDrag Text
29Chapter 7 Travel Services - Key Term DefinitionsDrag Text
30Chapter 8. Services Marketing - The differences between Goods and ServicesFlashcards
31Test Your Knowledge of the Services Marketing Triangle Here!Drag and Drop
32Chapter 8. Services Marketing - The 8P's of Services MarketingFlashcards
33Chapter 8. Services Marketing - Vocabulary/Glossary - Consumer BehaviorDrag Text
34Chapter 8. Services Marketing - Vocabulary/Glossary - Marketing Channel Terms - Part 2Drag Text
35Chapter 8. Services Marketing - Vocabulary/Glossary - Marketing Channel Terms - Part 1Drag Text
36Chapter 8. Services Marketing - Vocabulary/Glossary - General Marketing TermsDrag Text
37Chapter 10: Environmental Stewardship Implications of Climate ChangeDrag Text
38Chapter 10: Environmental Stewardship DefinitionsDrag Text
39Chapter 10: Environmental Stewardship MitigationQuestion Set
40Chapter 11: Risk Management ProcessSingle Choice Set
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