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41Chapter 11: Tort LawMultiple Choice
42Chapter 11: WaiversSingle Choice Set
43Chapter 11: What is the purpose of insurance?Multiple Choice
44Chapter 11: Occupational Health and SafetyMultiple Choice
45Understanding Metis, First Nations and Inuit peoplesDrag Text
46Foundational building blocks for an Indigenous tourism businessAccordion
47Ready for tourism designationsDrag and Drop
48Multiple choices for Indigenous tourismMultiple Choice
49Key terms for Indigenous TourismQuestion Set
50What Job Boards Could You Use for your Job Search?Essay
51The Hidden Job MarketQuestion Set
52Chapter 13 Fill in the Blanks for the Five Essential Steps for Career PlanningFill in the Blanks
53Common Types of Work Learning ExperiencesQuestion Set
54Conflict ResolutionQuestion Set
55Relationship between globalization and tourismDrag and Drop
56Trends vs FadsDrag Text
57PESTLE analysesFill in the Blanks
58Benefits and drawbacks of globalization on tourismAccordion
59Key terms in Tourism & HospitalityQuestion Set
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