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Version Date Change Details
1.00 April 17, 2020 Book published.
1.01 July 24, 2020 Correction to Whole Numbers Quiz and Fractions Quiz. Whole Numbers: Added “86” to the list of numbers in the switch outlet boxes question. Fractions: Changed 11/2 to 1½ in the steel question.
1.02 September 28, 2022 Correction to Adding and Subtracting Fractions. Adding Fractions with Common Denominators: Fixed incorrect reduction of fraction 24/32 by changing 2/3 to ¾.
1.03 October 18, 2022 Fixed broken links to videos. The links to a number of videos broke. Links to all of those videos were updated.
1.04 July 31, 2023 Error correction Corrected the answer to the third example in Convert Decimals to Fractions chapter.
1.05 January 8, 2024 Correction to Percentages Quiz and Practice Test Corrected the answer options for the question that asked: “40% of 24 is what?” by removing the percent symbols.


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