Dessert Presentation

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the principles of plate presentation
  • Prepare and plan dessert menus
  • Apply dessert presentation techniques

After flavour, the second-most-important element in the design of a great plated dessert is presentation. Simple, clean designs work very well. Simple desserts are more challenging because every detail counts and flaws become more apparent. In order to appear appetizing, the dessert presentation must look effortless and harmonious, with each component fitting together and contributing to the look and taste.

The presentation of food can be broken down into a checklist of design principles. In every medium, artists learn through study and practice how to make something attractive to the eye. Our minds are always trying to find a pattern, as we tend to look for symmetry and repetition of design. This will assist in making a beautiful presentation. When served a plate, customers will look at a dish and think immediately “this looks beautiful,” or they may have the opposite reaction. They may not be able to tell you why it is attractive, just that it is nice to look at. The principles presented in this section will give you the tools to apply presentation techniques to any plated dish.


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