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This book is a resource to support nursing students’ clinical decision-making and clinical judgment. Undergraduate nursing students, from their first to final years, are given an opportunity to be self-directed through virtual case-based scenarios and are given real-time feedback on actions and decisions.

These virtual case-based scenarios are contextualized in acute care and community settings across British Columbia, Canada. The case studies are stand-alone, meaning, they are not connected to one another and can be completed independently of each other.

What Each Scenario Contains

Each virtual scenario contains the following chapters and sections.

  1. Introduction and Instructions
    • Scenario goal and related concepts
    • Learning outcomes
    • Instructions for working through the scenario
  2. Pre-Learning and Pre-Briefing
    • Recommended pre-requisite knowledge
    • Self-assessment rubric
    • Resources, readings, and videos
    • NCLEX-style practice quiz
  3. Virtual Case-Based Scenario
    • Virtual case scenario (branching-style questions)
  4. Reflection and Self-Debriefing
    • Self-debriefing guide and documentation

For Instructors

If you are an instructor and want to incorporate the virtual simulation into your curriculum, it is recommended that you treat the virtual case studies like a simulation experience by incorporating a pre-brief and a debrief.

If you have not yet been trained in simulation debriefing, consider taking this free, 15-minute module called Sim 104 – Briefing and Debriefing in Simulation.

How to Navigate this Resource

These case studies are available as an online webbook. You can read the case studies online on a computer or mobile device in one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Here are some tips for navigating the case studies:

  • Search the textbook: You can use the search bar in the top right corner to search the entire book for a key word or phrase. To search a specific chapter, open that chapter and use your browser’s search feature by hitting [Cntr] + [f] on your keyboard if using a Windows computer or [Command] + [f] if using a Mac computer.
  • Navigate the textbook: This textbook has a table of contents to help you navigate through the book easier. You can find the full table of contents on the book’s homepage or by selecting “Contents” from the top menu when you are in a chapter.


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