Nutrition and Labelling

12 Learning Activities

Learning Activities

Learning Activity 1:

How much vegetable and fruit, grain products, milk and alternatives does a male have to consume to meet the required amount of 38 g of fibre? Follow the links in The World’s Healthiest Foods to help you complete this exercise.

Learning Activity 2:

Using Canada’s Food Guide:

  • Identify the four food groups
  • Describe four to six foods in each group and determine the size of each recommended group
  • Determine the number of each food serving recommended per day.

Based on Canada’s Food Guide:

  1. Determine how much food and how many calories are needed for a sedentary person of 19-30 years of age.
  2. Calculate the difference in calories needed at an active level. Choose a variety of foods that can be eaten to make up the difference in calories. Information on additional foods is available on The World’s Healthiest Foods website.
  3. Follow the online information to familiarize yourself with the nutrition fact table (NFT) to understand serving size and to test your knowledge of % Daily Value and to Understand Serving Size. Before you continue, look at the online interactive nutrition facts table.

Learning Activity 3:

  1. Based on the calorie values below, establish a balanced meal for one day with a calorie count of 2500 using the three macronutrients listed and Canada’s Food Guide. Use appropriate information from the Health Canada Dietary/Health Intake table to complete the exercise.
  2. Determine the type of products and the amount one person can eat to easily exceed the recommended fat intake on a daily basis.

Energy yield of macronutrients:

Carbohydrate = 4 kcal/g
Protein = 4 kcal/g
Fat = 9 kcal/g

Learning Activity 4:

Create a personal Food Guide for one day that reflects your dietary and nutritional needs, noting the total amount of sugar intake. Discuss how easy or challenging it is to stay within the suggested new guidelines from the World and Health Organization. Use this list of whole foods from The World’s Healthiest Foods website.



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