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    Humanities – General

    Last update: Feb 4/21   Collections ACLS Humanities E-Book (Various CC licences) A digital collection of over 5,400 seminal books in the humanities and related social sciences. These titles are presented in collaboration with more than 120 publishers and Michigan Publishing. Books in the ACLS HEB collection have been recommended and reviewed by scholars and Read more »

    Liberal Arts and the Humanities

    Subjects and Disciplines This section includes: Humanities – General American Sign Language (ASL) Art History Asian Literature English Literature and Writing Gender, Race, Sexuality, Social Justice Greek and Roman Studies History Indigenous Studies Language Learning: OER for specific languages Library and Information Science Linguistics Philosophy Religion and Theology Also see Liberal Arts and Humanities in Read more »

    Appendix B: OER in Development by Discipline

    Last update: Nov 30/21   Wondering if the OER project you’re thinking of is already in progress? Check the below list of OER in Development by Discipline first to see what others are working on. Links to in-progress projects are also posted on each subject page throughout this directory. Also see the Pressbooks Directory where, in Read more »

    Book/Textbook/Journal/Monograph Collections and Publishers

    Last update: Jun 20/24 Book Collections Books@atla Open Press (CC BY-NC) The open access monograph publishing program was conceived in 2014 as a means of publishing open access books that were relevant to the study and practice of theological librarianship. Currently the mission of the program is publication of open access works on subjects at Read more »

    Multimedia and Tool Collections

    Last update: Feb 15/24 General Multimedia HippoCampus (Various CC licences) is a free, core academic website that delivers rich multimedia content—videos, animations, and simulations—on general education subjects to middle-school and high-school teachers and college professors, and their students, free of charge. OpenSimon Tools (Various licences) The mission of the Simon Initiative, through it’s OpenSimon Read more »


    Also see Philosophy OER in development. Last update: Dec 5/23 Courses Argument Diagramming (CC BY-NC-SA) Potentially useful to a broad range of students, Argument Diagramming provides an introduction to exploring and understanding arguments. This course will explain what the parts of an argument are and how to break arguments into their parts and create diagrams Read more »

    Social Sciences – General

    Last update: Jun 27/22 Collections Cornell Open (CC BY-NC-ND) An open access portal for both new and classic out-of-print titles from the distinguished catalog of Cornell University Press. Cornell Open offers open access to key titles in the fields of anthropology, classics, political science, literary criticism and theory, German studies, and Slavic studies. IntechOpen Books: Social Read more »

    Gender, Race, Sexuality, Social Justice

    Also see Gender, Race, Sexuality, Social Justice OER in development. Last update: Nov 1/22 Collections Labor Studies & Work (Temple University Press) Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, TU Press has reissued 32 outstanding labor studies books and made them freely available online. Chosen by an advisory board of scholars, Read more »

    Visual Arts

    Art Appreciation: This document maps OER (curated by librarians and vetted for content and alignment by subject matter experts) to specific outcomes/competencies or items for this course (ART 110, Colorado). Last update: Jun 9/23 Courses Art Appreciation (Various CC licences) This course from Lumen Learning investigates how quality is determined and created by artists in Read more »


    Also see Communications OER in development. Last update: Jun 27/22 Courses Business Communications (CC BY) Students will learn how to analyze context and audience, determine purpose, message content, visual design and media in order to create written workplace messages that can be received, understood, used and retrieved with speed and accuracy. Business Communications 2 (CC Read more »