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181Summary of reasons for glaciations through Earth historyDrag Text
182Chapter 17 key terms about glaciationDialog Cards
183Summary of types of metal depositsDrag Text
184Summary of mining and mineral processing for metal depositsDrag Text
185Minerals in industrial materialsFlashcards
186Summary of fossil fuel typesDrag Text
187Why don't diamonds form from coal?Fill in the Blanks
188Chapter 18 key terms about geological resourcesDialog Cards
189Eons of Earth history (beginner and advanced)Question Set
190Phanerozoic Eon and Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras of Earth history (beginner to advanced)Question Set
191Cenozoic Era of Earth history (beginner to advanced)Question Set
192Stratigraphic principles for relative datingFlashcards
193Relative dating exercise 1Course Presentation
194Types of unconformity: text descriptions and imagesFlashcards
195Relative dating exercise 2 (intermediate level)Column
196Dating rocks using index fossilsColumn
197Using igneous layers to get absolute dates for sedimentary rocksCourse Presentation
198Magnetostratigraphy combined with fossilsColumn
199Chapter 19 Key termsDialog Cards
200Types of plate boundaries from vectorsColumn
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