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161This Hjülstrom-Sundborg diagram two points labeled, and two pathways showing a change in stream behavior. Drag each scenario to A, B, C, or D on the diagram.Drag and Drop
162Drag and drop each description to the correct spot along the stream profile.Drag and Drop
163Meandering stream evolution through downcuttingColumn
164Interpreting a hydrograph for an urbanized areaColumn
165Chapter 14 key terms about streams and floodsDialog Cards
166Summary of factors that control slope stabilityDrag Text
167Types of mass wastingCourse Presentation
168Chapter 15 key terms about mass wastingDialog Cards
169Summary of spheres and feedbacks (basic)Fill in the Blanks
170Concept check: climate change by insolation changesFill in the Blanks
171Concept check: climate forcing by heat transportDrag Text
172Concept check: climate forcing from change in the atmospheric energy budget (basic)Drag Text
173Concept Check: Paleoclimate Study Methods (basic)Drag Text
174Concept check: evidence of human influence in the Earth system (basic)Drag Text
175Chapter 16 key terms about the Earth systemDialog Cards
176Summary of types of glaciersDrag Text
177Movement of alpine glacial iceDrag Text
178Glacial erosional featuresFlashcards
179Types of glacial sedimentsCourse Presentation
180Depositional glacial structuresFlashcards
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