30 Genre: Romance

From the French roman 12C.

  1. Elements of Romance
    1. Setting is in epic scale—may be worldwide or even larger
    2. Suspends audience’s expectations based on everyday experiences
    3. Extraordinary deeds in battle
    4. Gods or supernatural beings (or important figures) take an interest in the action
    5. Emphasis on adventure
  2. Romantic Hero/Characters
    1. Figure of great national or even cosmic importance
    2. Characters are sharply distinguished as heroes or villains, masters or victims
    3. Protagonist is often solitary or relatively isolated from society
    4. Men escape to an unspoiled natural environment, free from women, to undergo test of virility
  3. Romantic Themes
    1. Quest undertaken by a knight in order to regain a lady’s favour
    2. Quest for an ideal
    3. Pursuit of an enemy
    4. Symbolize the primal desires, hopes, and terrors in the depths of the human mind


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