Section 3: Accountability & Justice

Training Overview

Learning Outcomes At the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the spectrum of sexual behaviours that can be harmful
  • Reflect on how and why violence happens
  • Develop skills to build better relationships
  • Develop skills to demonstrate accountability
  • Plan to build healthier relationships and communities
Audience This training was developed for anyone who has been told that they have caused harm in the context of sexual violence.
Duration Minimum of four 60-90 minute sessions.
Knowledge and Skills This resource is intended to be educational, not punitive. It recognizes that everyone is responsible for their actions, and anyone can cause harm. Additionally, anyone can choose to be accountable for the harm they have caused and build better relationships. It guides learners through information and reflective activities to understand that while harm happens within a society that minimizes or excuses it, individuals ultimately have power and responsibility to be accountable and work towards repairing the harm they have caused. Learners will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge about types of sexual violence and the root causes of violence as well develop skills to demonstrate accountability and develop healthier relationships.


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