Section 3: Accountability & Justice

Slide Deck Outline

There are several sections in the slide deck where the information provided can and should be specific to the institution delivering the training. Sections where institution specific information should be inserted include: land acknowledgement, on-campus support services and community-based victim services, and the institution’s sexual violence and misconduct policy.
Module Topic
1. Foundational Knowledge
  • Grounding in what we know (slide 6-8)
  • Managing your responses (slide 9-11)
  • Seeking Support (slide 12-13)
  • Guiding Principles (slide 14)
  • Sexual Violence 101: Definitions (slide 16-18)
  • Sexual Violence 101: Statistics (slide 19-21)
  • Sexual Violence 101: Roots of sexual violence (slide 22-25)
  • Sexual Violence 101: Identities and privilege (slide 27-31)
2. Understanding Harm
  • Experiences and impacts (slide 36-48)
  • Barriers to speaking up (49-50)
3. Building Better Relationships
  • Consent: what it is, how to ask, how to respond to a no (slide 55-67)
  • Boundaries and power dynamics in relationships (slide 68-69)
4. Repair and Accountability
  • What to do if someone tells you that you’ve caused harm (slide 74-83)
  • Moving Forward: making a plan (slide 84)
  • References (slide 71-74)

Here are the Handouts and Activities you will need to prepare for each session:

Session Handouts Activities & Worksheets
1. Foundational Knowledge
2, Understanding Harm
3. Building Better Relationships

*Much of the engagement in this section is video and discussion based – review slide notes for prompts

  • Power and Privilege Wheel Activity or Power Flower Activity (return to one used in Session 1)
4. Repair and Accountability


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