Training Overview

Learning Outcomes At the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Define sexual violence
  • Recognize the complex roots of sexual violence and how social influences normalize violence
  • List barriers and safety concerns to consider before intervening
  • Describe and apply the 4D’s Active Bystander Model
  • Recognize that everyone has a role in contributing to healthy and safe campus communities
Audience This training is suitable and recommended for all members of the campus community: students, faculty, administrators and staff. The suggested minimum number of learners is 6 and the suggested maximum is 40.
Duration Approximately 90 minutes.
Knowledge and Skills This workshop is designed to support learners in taking care of the campus community and responding to sexual violence when they see it happening. It teaches learners about what violence can look like, why it happens, and four strategies to respond if they see it happening. Learners will have space to hear and reflect on new information in addition to discussing and applying their learnings.


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