Book Title: Trades Access Common Core Competency B-3: Use Interpersonal Communication Skills – 2nd Edition

Subtitle: Line B: Employability Skills

Author: Camosun College

Book Description: No matter what your job is, you will need to communicate with other people. Your communication skills determine how successfully you receive and transmit information. Communication is arguably the most important of all life skills and plays a significant role in all aspects of work and home life. Communication is verbal, written, and non-verbal, and every gesture, voice inflection, or facial movement speaks volumes and conveys information to others. An effective communicator is also an active listener. Employers actively seek out individuals who are good communicators.

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Camosun College



Interpersonal communication and skills


Trades Access Common Core Competency B-3: Use Interpersonal Communication Skills – 2nd Edition
Camosun College

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Interpersonal communication and skills
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Traditional trades, crafts and skills
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November 1, 2021
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