Unit 4: Estimating, Time, and Shapes

Topic C: Shapes


The circle is a shape we all know.

a medium size red circle, a small yellow circle, a big blue circle

These objects suggest the idea of a circle:

  • rim of coffee cups and glasses
  • top of lamp shades top of cans of food
  • compact discs
  • the ends of pipes and hoses (called the cross-section)
  • the coloured part of your eye (the iris)

Add some examples of your own.


A triangle is a three-sided shape. Triangles have three sides and three angles.three different sized triangles in different colours

Draw some different sized triangles here.


A rectangle is a four-sided shape. Rectangles have four sides and four right angles (square corners).

three different sized rectangles in different colours

Can you think of anything that has a rectangle shape? Write it here.


A square is a special kind of rectangle. Squares have square corners and all four sides are the same length.three different sized circles in different colours

Can you think of anything that has a square shape? Write it here.

Exercise 1

The following things give the idea of a shape. Write the name of the shape in each blank. Then draw the shape.


A cookie is a circle.a circle

  1. A door is a          .
  2. This page is a          .
  3. A yield sign is a          .
  4. A room is usually a          .
  5. A coin is a          .
  6. A ten dollar bill is a          .
  7. The rim of a jar is a          .
  8. This warning sign is a          .a warning sign with three sides and three angles
  9. A pizza is a          .

Answers to Exercise 1

  1. rectangle
  2. rectangle
  3. triangle
  4. rectangle
  5. circle
  6. rectangle
  7. circle
  8. triangle
  9. circle

Exercise 2

Look around the room and find each of the following shapes. Write the name on the line. Have your instructor check your answers.


A rectangle door.

  1. A circle          .
  2. A rectangle          .
  3. A square          .
  4. A triangle          .

Exercise 3

Circle the correct shape in each line. Have your instructor check your answers.

  1. A rectangle
    a circle, a rectangle, a square, a triangle
  2. A circlea square, a triangle, a rectangle, a circle
  3. A squarea rectangle, a circle, a square, a triangle
  4. A trianglea triangle, a square, a circle, a rectangle

Exercise 4

What shape are the following things? Write triangle, square, rectangle or circle.

  1. a round clock
  2. a pine tree
  3. a cell phone
  4. a chess board
  5. a photograph of a house
  6. a bowl
  7. a frying pan with 4 corners and 4 equal sides
  8. the Canadian flag

Answers to Exercise 4

  1. circle
  2. triangle
  3. rectangle
  4. square
  5. rectangle or triangle
  6. circle
  7. square
  8. rectangle


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