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Chapter 2. Design Process

  • A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices:
  • A Model of The Creative Process:
  • “A Problem Well-stated is Half-solved” by Mark Levy:
  • Concept Tree Method:
  • Example of Allusion – the magazine cover:
  • Example of Amplification:
  • Example of Analogy:
  • Example of Hyperbole:
  • Example of Metaphor:
  • Example of Metonymy:
  • Example of Personification:
  • Example of Simile:
  • Example of Synecdoche:
  • Example of Understatement:
  • Visual Communication Concept Map:

Chapter 3. Design Elements, Design Principles, and Compositional Organization

  • “Think Small” Campaign:

Chapter 6. Imaging

  • Digital Press System Certification:
  • How chemical toner is made:
  • Nanography:
  • PODi Supports Key Standards:

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