Section 4: Toward an Indigenized Student Services


In this final section you saw ways to weave together the principles of Indigenization into institutional practice. This weaving of knowledges and practice requires commitment, partnerships, and relationships. The policies and practices are just a few examples of how Indigenization has been integrated and infused into institutional culture.


Activity 1: Building holistic services

Type: Group

Time: 2-8 hours 

  1. Discuss how your unit/program area supports the holistic needs of students.
    • What connections or resources do you need to be able to support the cultural integrity of Indigenous students?
  2. Create a shared document of resources for your unit that focuses on serving Indigenous students to support your work and the work of other units and departments at your institution. Based on the Indigenous wholistic framework (in section 2), identify:
    • recommendations to make improvements in each of the four realms (physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual); and
    • how you can use the 4Rs (respect, relevance, reciprocity, and responsibility) to inform and shape
      • staff practices
      • policy changes
      • institutional culture to better support Indigenous students

Activity 2: How do relationships support success?

Type: Group

Time: 30 minutes

Take a moment to reflect and explore the following questions:

  • Who at your institution is also undertaking decolonizing or Indigenizing work?
  • What relationships do you currently have at your institution that you find helpful in supporting student success?
  • How do these relationships help you support Indigenous students?

Activity 3: Supporting relevant and responsive staff

Type: Group

Time: 30-60 minutes

  • How does policy and practice, in your unit and institution, help or hinder staff in serving Indigenous students?
  • What three changes would you recommend to improve the services the unit provides to Indigenous students?


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