Section 4: Sammon (Salmon)


Founded on values of reciprocity and generosity, the voices of experience help bring home new learnings on Indigenization to share with others. Listening to these voices, we learn the importance of consultation with Indigenous Peoples and communities in developing work plans, Memorandum of Understandings, and more.


Activity 1: Reflect on teachings you have received about Indigenization

Time: Ongoing

Type: Individual

  1. What are the key learnings you want to share with others? And how will you share them and encourage others to Indigenize and travel with you?
  2. How does your institution create spaces for/instances of reciprocity for learners, staff, and community?

Activity 2: Acts of reconciliation

Time: Ongoing

Type: Individual

  1. Review the 150 Acts of Reconciliation[1] and create your own personal Indigenization Action Plan.

  1. 150 Acts of Reconciliation:


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