About this Edition

The majority of the content in this book has come from other open resources. I have adapted materials from open textbooks, websites, courses, blogs, and articles created by Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Business, and Marketing scholars and authors.

In many places I made changes to the content to better suit this book’s themes and audience. I updated brand and company references that are more well-known by today’s consumers. I edited examples that draw on old-fashion perceptions and reinforce gender stereotypes. I changed all pronouns to they/them/their. I reworded explanations and examples of concepts to better fit marketing contexts. I changed some of the vocabulary and terms so that they would resonate with today’s students and reflect a consumer behaviour and marketing vernacular.

In some places I removed images and created (or adapted) new ones to establish a consistent look and feel throughout the book.

Many people have contributed to this book and I am grateful for their guidance, inspiration, expertise, and good eyes. I feel very fortunate to have worked with so many students over the years who have willingly contributed to this project.

Reviewers & Editors:

  • Dr. Carly Drake
  • Pamela Ip
  • Vanessa Mora
  • Urooj Nizami
  • Josie Gray
  • Kaitlyn Zheng

Content Contributors:

  • Mariah Gladstone
  • Vanessa Mora

KPU Student Reviewers:

  • Carla Flores Arciniega
  • Julie Hartman
  • Alex Ho
  • Bowen Kong

KPU Student Content Contributors:

  • Tanikka Abraham
  • Julie Hartman
  • Bowen Kong
  • Aidan Maurice Richard
  • Leora Sachar
  • Carlin Stephenson
  • Sharmaine Ventura

Kwantlen Polytechnic University and BCcampus both provided me with grant funding and technical support to complete this project. Melanie Meyers from BCcampus provided diligent oversight where I needed it and kept me on track. Josie Gray and Kaitlyn Zheng helped me immensely with accessibility features and the trickier parts of working in Pressbooks. I would also like to acknowledge that Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani from KPU inspired me to get this project started: I am very grateful for his endless inspiration, friendship, leadership, and radical acts of kindness.


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