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1Demonstration exampleDrag Text
2Definition of a mineralColumn
3Mineral Identification: Finn's Messed-Up CollectionColumn
4Igneous texture flashcardsFlashcards
5Melting types and plate tectonic settingColumn
6Magma composition exercise v2Column
7Crystalline igneous rock drag and dropColumn
8Physical weathering types (basic)Fill in the Blanks
9Identifying types of physical weathering at Stawamus Chief Provincial ParkColumn
10Drag and drop the labels to solve three sedimentary rock "murder mysteries."Drag and Drop
11Distinguishing foreshocks, mainshocks, and aftershocksCourse Presentation
12Using multiple methods to date a cross-sectionColumn
13How does geologic time make geology different?Accordion
14Emerald Lake Erosion: Can you spot the hazard?Course Presentation
15Geologist roles in the context of the La Soufriere eruption of 2021Multiple Choice
16Complete the summary: Hypothesis, theory, lawDrag Text
17Can these hypotheses about lucky socks be tested?Column
18Geologic time in years (Converting time units)Fill in the Blanks
19Geological timescale: Does T. rex belong in a Jurassic park?Guess the Answer
20Uniformitarianism: Only good for understanding Earth's past?True/False Question
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