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41Interpreting S-wave shadow zonesColumn
42Core seismic velocity changesDialog Cards
43Lord Kelvin and the age of the EarthCourse Presentation
44Magnetic inclination exerciseDrag Text
45Why do polarity reversals happen?Multiple Choice
46Ice sheet melting and isostasyDialog Cards
47Chapter 3 key termsDialog Cards
48Summary of evidence for continental motion from apparent polar wanderingDrag Text
49Summary of evidence for plate tectonics from magnetic stripesColumn
50Types of plate boundaries from vectorsColumn
51Chapter 4 key terms about plate tectonicsDialog Cards
52Definitions of subatomic particlesDrag Text
53What makes noble elements non-reactive?Multiple Choice
54Valence electron exercisesColumn
55Types of chemical bondsFill in the Blanks
56Anionic groupsColumn
57More practice with anionic groupsQuestion Set
58Silicon to oxygen ratio in single- and double-chain silicates.Column
59Sulphur Mining at Kawah IjenColumn
60Which mineral does each lustre describe? Drag the tiles to the correct mineral.Drag and Drop
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