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21"Big ideas" in plate tectonic theoryMultiple Choice
22Chapter 1 key termsDialog Cards
23Viewing the past in the Hubble Ultra Deep FieldColumn
24Spot the red-shifted spectrumColumn
25Periodic Table Practice: Common elements in the story of big bang and stellar nucleosynthesisDialog Cards
26Composition of the earliest planets in the universeDialog Cards
27What is the frost line?Column
28Summary of object types in the solar systemDrag Text
29Solar system formation drag and dropColumn
30Pallasite meteorite interpretationColumn
31Earth bombardment by space objectsColumn
32Key ideas about the hunt for other planetsDialog Cards
33Analysis of Kepler-102 exoplanet systemCourse Presentation
34Chapter 2 key termsDialog Cards
35Big bang concept checkColumn
36Continental versus oceanic crustDrag Text
37Is the lithosphere part of the mantle?Accordion
38Names and compositions of Earth's layersColumn
39Nanaimo bar analogy for Earth's layersColumn
40Moho location (lithosphere concept check)Column
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