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Front Matter

  • Adoption of an Open Textbook:
  • BCcampus:
  • BCcampus Open Education:
  • British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training:
  • Canadian History: Pre-Confederation – 2nd Edition:
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Chapter 1

  • 1911 census data:
  • “Estimated population of Canada, 1605 to present”:
  • Page from the 1891 census [PDF]:
  • “Quebec and the Confederation project (1864-1867)”:

Chapter 2

  • British Columbia Terms of Union:
  • “Mistahimaskwa”:
  • “Sane or Insane? The Case of Rose Lynam”:
  • “Table 1. Population, sex, condition, denomination, profession, etc.”:
  • “The Trial of Louis Riel”:
  • Wendake (aka: Huronia):
  • “William Henry Jackson”:
  • “W.S. Fielding and the Repeal Elections of 1886 and 1887 in Nova Scotia”:

Chapter 3

  • 1907 film taken from the front of a streetcar in Vancouver:
  • Craig Heron (York University) discusses the creation of workers’ communities and a working class:
  • Historian Craig Heron (York University) describing the industrial revolution:
  • Links between the second industrial revolution and urbanization:
  • Sean Kheraj (York University), a historian of environmental questions, considers the function and meaning of parks:

Chapter 4

  • The City of Vancouver Open Data Catalogue:

Chapter 6

  • “Democracy at War”:
  • “Democracy at War”:
  • “Food on the Home Front during the Second World War”:
  • Landscapes of Injustice Research Collective:
  • Northern Pursuit:
  • Warclouds over the Pacific:

Chapter 7

  • Religion, Populism, and Social Credit in Alberta [PDF]:
  • “To Brew or Not to Brew: A Brief History of Beer in Canada”:
  • Watch this undated recording by Tommy Douglas on The Cream Separator:

Chapter 8

  • “Old Time Trains”:
  • Watch this Townships Moved By Sea video:
  • Watch this V.E. Day Riots in Halifax, Nova Scotia film:
  • “Why Canadians are hanging up on their landline phones”:

Chapter 9

  • “A History of the Vote in Canada”:
  • CBC Digital Archives. The Creation of Nunavut:
  • CBC Interactive Timeline: NWT Devolution:
  • “Gouin, Sir Lomer”:
  • “Jimmy Carter in the Aftermath of the Storm”:
  • “Just Watch Me” interview:
  • Listen to this recording of The Cremation of Sam McGee:
  • Mackenzie King’s diaries:
  • Mapping the Way: Yukon First Nation Self-Government:

  • Maurice Duplessis:
  • “North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)”:
  • Ontario. Top names (female):
  • “Origins of the Cold War”:
  • The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan:
  • “The Sexual Revolution and the Pill”:
  • U.S. History: Identity Politics in a Fractured Society:
  • Watch Nanook of the North:
  • Watch this Canada Starts To Produce New Flag video:
  • Watch this video on Diefenbaker’s Flag Crusade:
  • Watch this video on the New Super Super-Mart:

Chapter 10

  • “B.C.’s first “sports event” probably a cricket match”:
  • Broadcasting Act:
  • Growing Up Canadian:
  • Growing Up Canadian:
  • “In Search of the Canadian Car”:
  • Photos from the collection Les quartiers disparus de Montréal:
  • “The Canadian Tourism Industry: A Special Report” [PDF]:
  • “The History of the Canadian Film Industry”:
  • “They Came for the Children: Canada, Aboriginal Peoples and Residential Schools” [PDF]:[1].pdf

Chapter 11

  • Aboriginal Children in Care: Report to Canada’s Premiers [PDF]:
  • “Aboriginal Contributions During the First World War”:
  • “Cover up of residential school crimes a national shame”:
  • “George Manuel”:
  • “Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future: Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada” [PDF]:
  • Interview with Mrs. Cecile Many Guns:
  • “PM Harper Has Failed to Live up to Promise of 2008 Residential School Apology: TRC”:
  • “Statement of Apology to Former Students of Indian Residential Schools”:
  • “TB and Aboriginal People”:

Chapter 12

  • “31.3 A New World Order”:
  • Conditions in asylums in Canada in the 20th century:
  • The conflict between generations of historians:
  • Exploring Big Historical Data: The Historian’s Macroscope:
  • “The History Wars in Canada”:
  • Internet Archive:
  • “Maple Cottage, Leslieville, Toronto: (De)Constructing Nationalist Music History”:
  • The Maple Leaf Forever:
  • “North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)”:
  • Programming Historian:
  • Records of the Old Bailey:
  • Roaring Twenties recording:
  • Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS):
  • Visit the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony website:
  • Wayback Machine:
  • Web Archives for Longitudinal Knowledge (WALK) Portal:


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