9 Arctic Plants

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A bright yellow dandelion grows out of a crack in the sidewalk.

Some plants grow in land that is rich. Some plants grow where there is a lot of sun. These plants do very well. But there is something beautiful about plants that grow against the odds.

A rocky landscape covered in snow and ice

Way up in the arctic, the land is cold and hard. The winter is long and dark. But the arctic plants find a way to get by.

A small white flowering plant grows in front of low-growing brush.

Summer comes for just a few weeks. The ice turns to water. Plants begin to grow.

Moss grows on rocks on the ground. In the background, hikers go past.

Arctic moss grows on the land. It adds a bit of heat so that other plants can grow, too.

Small purple flowers grow on the ground near lichen or moss.

Arctic plants stay together. When they stay together, the cold winds are not so bad.

Low-growing branches sprout a few leaves. Nearby grass is pale.

In other places, trees try to grow to the sky. But they would not last in the arctic. So the arctic willow is not like the other trees. The arctic willow grows on its side. It grows along the land. This may be odd, but it works.

Small yellow poppies bloom from a tiny bush on rocky ground.

The sun is out all day and all night. But the sun will go away soon. So the arctic poppy always looks on the bright side. The arctic poppy always faces the sun.

A single purple flower and its leafs poke out of the snow.

Yes, there is something beautiful about plants that grow against the odds.


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