2 A New Flower

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A large airplane in flight. Taken from below.

My grandma has never been on a plane. But she gets on a plane when she is 82 years old. She gets on a plane to see me.

Daisies grow near a sidewalk. People walk past.

One day, we go for a walk. She likes the flowers on my street.

Back home, she has many garden beds. She is in three flower clubs. She puts her plants in flower shows. She knows a lot about flowers.

Close-up of a purple coneflower, with long petals and a spiky centre.

But today she sees a flower she has not seen before. “What is this?” Grandma asks.

A young man with dark hair, a beard, and round stud earrings leans against a chain-link fence.

My friend Dave knows. He tells her what the flower is. She looks at Dave for a long time.

A man stands in a clearing in the woods wearing an orange hat and carrying a rifle.

Back home, men hunt.

A man wearing a camouflage jacket holds a fishing rod beside a river.

Back home, men fish.

A man plows a field with a tractor.

Back home, men farm.

A bearded man and a sunflower.

But back home, men do not know about flowers.

An older woman in a white blouse smiles slightly behind her glasses.

She takes this in. She smiles. Then we go on.

Close-up of a flower pot of pink and purple daisies.

She hopes to see more flowers she has never seen before.


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